Monday, June 9, 2008

Quezztion of the week June 8th, 2008

Ok, sorry, a bit late on this one.....

My question:

If you could go anywhere, where would you go and with whom?

Get as creative as you want!


Janet said...

Although I love to travel and love seeing new things, I would pick to go back to Hawaii with my husband. :) We loved it the first time around and are already planning another trip back, whenever that may be.

blushpea said...

Ay yi yi, these questions are always so difficult because there are many wonderful places I'd want to see. On a fantasy level (meaning if money was no object & my hubby liked cruising), I'd want to go on a world cruise, here's a sample of a ship that travels the world & some people own their units! It just seems like a terrific way to see the world w/ minimal packing. Of course I'd go w/ the hubster. And of course if money was no object I'd want to fly out my immediate family for a segment, we always have a blast together! (I actually just sent the link about the residential world cruise ship to my parents, saying this is where they should retire!). However, this ship only goes to Europe every 2 yrs. I'd want to travel Europe extensively as I've never been.

Other fantasy vacations - cross country in the US, time at our national parks &/or Hawaii.

More realistic vacays - Dominican Republic & Montreal...Hubby & I hope to do one of those (or both??) in the next couple years or so. :)

Gelidy Gelato said...

I would like to go to Hong Kong with someone who speaks Chinese.

Scrappin Kitty said...

any where the wind might take me as long as i'm with my family.