Sunday, September 21, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week - Sept. 21, 2008

Okay it's my turn this week.  Everyone's a critic & sometimes the famous critics get it wrong! You can talk about a movie, music album, book or TV show or all 4 for this one.  Discuss a movie, album, book &/or tv show that is/was critically acclaimed that you didn't like at all.  Then, discuss something that did NOT receive critical acclaim that you LOVED!  Let your thumbs up/thumbs down be HEARD this week!


blushpea said...


Movie: "Lost In Translation" - Unique premise, great performances, beautiful photography. But as far as plot - she's bored. He's bored. Guess who else was bored?!

Album: Alanis Morrisette "Jagged Little Pill" - Yeah I own it, some catchy stuff. But after a while, that whiny "you d!cked me over" cr@p gets old. She beat out someone I knew for MULTIPLE Grammys on this record - insane!

Book: Tie between "Gulliver's Travels" (tried reading 2x) & "Poisonwood Bible" (tried reading 1x, may try again). Couldn't get into 'em.

TV Show: Not sure if the critics liked it or it was just popular but I didn't see the big deal in "Moonlighting." And the way they used the fuzzy, movie-star setting every time they showed Cybil Shepard annoyed the carp outta me.


Movie: "1941" - I think this was Spielberg's 1st movie(?) & it got blasted but I found it ROFL funny. I was a pre-teen then but still! Also (ahem) I liked the "Fat Albert" movie - hey it was entertaining!

Album: Well I think every Replacements album out there was loved by the critics but since they didn't sell much, though I'd mention 'em here.

Book: There's a little quirky book called "Fat Bald Jeff" about a whole Dilbertish office scheme; I thought it was better than "Office Space" the movie but the book got reamed in online reviews. Whatev!

TV Show: There was a little quirky "Friday the 13th" tv series - not based on the movie - but about a room of cursed objects that these people have to hunt down. A cool, Twilight-Zonish show, & I barely know anyone who's ever HEARD of it!

I know there are things I left off this left, but these were the 1st things to come to mind!

pixel packin' mama said...

you all know how i feel about 'wicked'. i finally finished it. no supprise ending the witch died without changing her beloved oz. then there is dorothy the ever innocent who caused things to happen but never took responsibility for them. difficult read!

i dont know the ratings for 'the bucket list' but what a wonderful movie! about two men about to die and what they want to get accomplished before they -kick the bucket-it was light hearted and easy to watch and wonderfully emotional, well acted with morgan freeman and jack nicholson together, what elce needs to be said!
'the bucket list' was a wonderful relief after watching 'the dark night' the new batman movie. the violence and graphic sceens were a horror to me. i watched the faces of the children in the theater instead of the movie. that was even sadder. they had these rapt looks on their faces. no wonder things like 9-11 dont mean much to the kids and there is so much apathy in the young.the joker(the bad guy, for those of you not familiar with the batman story) blew up the city hospital not knowing everybody was removed. it was just reprehensible. he set up two people to die knowing only one of them would be saved and then let them talk to each other while they were dying! the awful things he did and no one felt the slightest inclination to end his reighn of terror. they had him three times!
and the kids did not even look away from the screen. SO SAD!

pixel packin' mama said...
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Gelidy Gelato said...

Movie & Book: I couldn't get into Da Vinci Code both the book & the movie. I guess that's a 2-for. I finished the book only because I had borrowed it and had to return it. I thought Tom Hanks, while a great actor, was poorly cast in this movie.
Music wise: I don't get any singer that screams. Too numerous too list.
First movie that comes to mind is Waterworld with Kevin Costner. Even though I only went to see to the movies for the air conditioning, I enjoyed it.