Monday, October 27, 2008

BWC #22: Topic and Technique (aka the ?OW Challenge)

Sharon and Brenda caught yellow fever from Marlene's Monochromatic Challenge. Take the proper precautions before you check out their scrafty symptoms. You might catch a variant scrafting strain:

ETA: In other monochromatic news, everything's coming up roses for Marsha in her response:

We are soon approaching another SHCG anniversary, our Quezztion of the Week's first on November 14. Christy started the tradition asking us to list 6 things we are thankful for. Since then, we've had 40 more questions, and two more to go until we begin a second year of getting to know each other better. (We missed a total of 9 weeks of questions, in case you were wondering why it didn't add up to 52.) I've always wanted to create mini los for each question and keep them in a book, so I've been waiting for the chance to finally share my idea for this BWC.

Choose a ?OW (either one you've answered or one you'd like to answer), and materialize it into a layout. If you chose a question that you've answered, you can cut and paste your response, and voila! Instant journaling!

I've compiled a chronological quick reference list of the ?OWs. For further detail please click the Quezztion of the Week link in the Categories sidebar of our blog, or pm me for further clarification.

1. Thanksgiving: 6 things I am thankful for using the letters in TURKEY.
2. 3 most important things my house that I can't live without
3. Top 10 things on my Christmas list and/or Tiffany's "What Is Your Fine?" ?OW alternative:
4. The story behind a scar or mark on my body
5. (Five) Favorite Christmas gifts I received as a child
6. My (2008) New Year's Resolutions
7. What puts the sweet in your home sweet home?
8. My favorite pet
9. My favorite birthday memory
10. My Chinese Zodiac Sign
11. What would you undo?
12. The first thing I think of when I wake up, and the last thought before I go to sleep.
13. The best and worst dates I've ever had
14. My favorite smells
15. My quirks
16. My favorite ice cream flavor
17. My lucky charm
18. Can't scrap without my...
19. My fave/least fave embellishments
20. Whatchu readin'? Share a book.
21. My all-time favorite movie
22. There's always room for non-physical self improvement: what I'd change about myself
23. SB storage tips
24. I wanna be a famous...
25. My priorities: one year ago vs. the present
26. What are you wearing right now? (description and background)
27. One good father figure memory
28. My favorite quote
29. Laws of attraction: a physical feature I find attractive
30. My favorite games (past and/or present)
31. A household chore I love and one I hate
32. My favorite teacher memory
33. My fall faves
34. Now, this is my kinda music! vs. Please turn that sh!t down!
35. Scrapblock: how I cope
36. Everyone's a critic: a not-so rotten tomato vs. What's all the fuss about?
37. My favorite ghost story
38. My game show category... for the lead!

39. My previous life: if I could time travel to a past era
40. Eco-conscious green scrafting
41. My favorite candy/sweet treat

42. What lurks under my bed
43. Black Friday site shopping with $500
44. My fave Holiday movie
45. Thanksgiving: Giving thanks in 2008
46. Remodeling my living space
47. My adolescent celeb crush
48. The last time I danced in public/private
49. 2009 Resolutions/Advice for keeping them

That's the "topic" part of the challenge. For the "technique," your lo must include patterned paper on which you've added your own doodling. For example, one idea I got from a magazine, take big polka dots pp, draw stars in them, and scribble circles around the dots. Be sure to describe your additional doodling, and don't forget to check "Doodling" in the Styles section when you upload your lo.

I think this just may be what I need to "inch" me out of my scraft hiatus. I hope you have as much fun as I did rereading the responses and getting to know everyone all over again.

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