Sunday, November 9, 2008

i love black friday. i think everyone should go out on black friday and go shopping and get all the good sales. it is just plain fun. there is a lot of excitement in the air and people are out mostly to have fun and get their stuff. i have a link to the black friday adds. my quezztion is: go to the black friday site-
and tell me what you would buy if you had $500.00. to spend. the stores are listed on the left hand side of the screen just click one and the sales will pop up.


pixel packin' mama said...

Samsung 19" LCD 720p HDTV $299.99
Magellan GPS Navigator, RoadMate 1200 $99.99
Night at the Museum DVD $5.99
Reversible Down Alternative Comforter w/ Bonus Pillows $29.99
these sales are from sears. i am waiting for best buy and circut city to come up. but i think i will door bust at sears- wait at 4 am with my daughter untill the store opens at 6am to be one of the fist in line to get the best sales, because they only have a limited number of items.

MaRLeNeF said...

If I had $500.00 I would buy my kids a new tv set:

Samsung 19" LCD 720p HDTV ADD TO LIST $299.99 Reg. $379.99

Guitar Hero: World Tour Super-Bundle $189.99

We love Guitar Hero, I think I love it more then the boys LOL

blushpea said...

Okay the first few items I searched for didn't come up on that site, Marsha, so I'm adapting this question to be "if I had $500 to go shopping, I'd buy..."

- Approx $250 - Everyone's Xmas presents - which would be things for 5 kids & one adult (adults draw names in my family), plus little Hanukkah gifts for DH's family

- Approx $75 - Something nice for DH, he'd probably pick some Ralph Lauren stuff

- Approx $150 (this DOES come up in that site!) - new bathroom vanity

- New vacuum for $38 (also comes up on the Lowes site)

Oh man I think I just ran outta my $500 w/ those last 2 additions. I WAS gonna include:

-picture frames for the house
-scented stuff for moi from Bath & Body Works
-new sneakers also for moi
-& maybe a Wii for the hubby & me (though would be sooo bad for my time mgmt to get such an addictive toy).

Sigh, even my pretend money gets spent too quickly! :p