Sunday, December 14, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week - 12/14/08

Goin' light 'n fluffy 'n girly in this week's... This has been asked in various tags but not here - talk about a celeb crush you had while growing up!

For me, my Beatles-fans older sisters turned me into a fan at an early age, & I had a big fondness for Paul McCartney by age 3. But, as some of you already have heard, I had a HUMONGOUS crush on Sting growing up. I LOVED The Police, knew their albums back & forth, pored over all their lyrics. I had aspirations to be an actress & when Sting started in his movie career, I was sooo jealous of all his leading actresses, I thought, that could be ME if I was older & lived in NY, LA or London, LOL! My desires were tied together in a dream that was not just romantic (he would be more of a man than any boy in suburban Houston, & rescue me from the normalcy of my life, etc), I wanted to WORK w/ Sting, hahaha! Granted, I had a healthy dose of real life crushes too, as well as other celebs I liked, but Sting was the frontrunner.

A few years ago, when visiting my parents' house, my husband found my adolescent journals that talked about all of this - he DIED laughing over the girlhood melodrama in those pages! Then, when I got into Sting's son's band (Fiction Plane - they're really good), DH would walk around the house saying "Sting's out, Sting's son's in!" LOL (PS I don't think these infatuations played a part in my playing bass later in life but it's pretty coincidental that that's the instrument I eventually was drawn to).

Okay, your turn! :)


Gelidy Gelato said...

The last crush I remember was Mel Gibson in his MAD MAX days. But I did hear he was really short...

Scrappin Kitty said...

LOL can't belive it now, but had a huge crush on New Kids on the block Joey, and also Patrick Swazy. LOL Dirty dancing still makes me drool :)