Saturday, December 27, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week: 12/28

To get everyone starting off the New Year, share with the galzz (if you don't mind) your resolution(s) for 2009. If you don't believe in resolutions, that's just fine by me. Instead, share with the rest of the group your good advice for making this year's resolution work.. or share some support for their upcoming hard work.


twinscrapbee said...

This year I'd like to resolve to stick to the ones I made last year which were to...

1. out more often and stick to healthier foods.
I make this resolution every year, but 2008 proved to be my healthiest in years. It began with a healthier diet and exercise regime, which propelled me through a 12K in May, and gave me a slimmer body through the winter months.

2. more, enjoy all those books I've started, and all the ones I haven't.
I did read more in '08, but not nearly as much as I should have.

3. scrafty at least once a week.
Unfortunately, I did worse in '08 than '07, but since it had a noticeable effect on my creative sanity, I'll have to find balance again. Fortunately, I have a group of inspiring SHistazz this year!

4. ...calendar time once a month to keep in touch with loved ones.
This was a new resolution for me this past year, and with all the recent drama in my life, I'm feeling even more of an urgency to follow through.

5. ...stay organized so that I can keep my resolutions, and finish everything I've started.
For me, this is key. Things have been so hectic these past few months, I feel like I should calendar EVERYTHING from when to complete the most menial tasks to when I should take a breather.

With that, I'm reminded of a phrase that should supercede any resolution I ever make: LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!

May this year be filled with more joy, laughter, and love than any of us ever thought we could possibly experience in our lifetime! Happy 2009, Scrap Happenzz!

blushpea said...

I am also going back to my resolutions for 2008 (which I scrapbooked in response to a SHCG challenge earlier in the year):

"FOCUS on FITNESS! Getting more exercise & eating healthily...but in a zen, balanced, positive & HEALTHY way (not an obsessive, worrisome, negative way!).

Be WISE w/ my time! Keep my "quietly bad" habits in check (daydreaming too long/often, surfing online excessively to waste time, watching TV I don't really love).

Keep on SAVORING LIFE! 'Life is just what happens to you while you're busy making other plans' (John Lennon). These ARE the good ol' days! I don't wanna lose the present while remembering the past or striving for the future. I wanna GRASP the NOW!"

The QOW asked for advice on making resolutions work. I think the key is to keep in mind that these are AIMS, not set in stone... it's about PRACTICING these resolutions, we may have imperfect days or weeks but that's no reason to give it all up. And that's no reason to feel time has been wasted. Cheesy as it sounds, it's about the JOURNEY - e.g. once a person reaches a fitness goal, it's not like they've reached a final destination & can go back to the way they used to be, it's part of a lifelong commitment to health. I may not fulfill all these resolutions perfectly, but I WILL enjoy life & be kind to myself & others. I may aim to achieve all these resolutions but I may also discover something cool, fun & unexpected about myself/the world/someone else in the process, or in the process of STRAYING from my resolutions, who knows, I'm gonna stay open to all life brings... Having goals & resolutions is a positive thing but ultimately, for me, it's all about living in the moment & living life to the fullest!!

Janet said...

1. Aim for good physical health - for now this means taking care of me (and baby)... being active and eating well... after April, hoping to shed the pregnancy pounds and be back in my "normal" clothes by summertime.

2. Be crafty - More for me and for enjoyment.

3. Find a way to balance family and work - with a baby on the way, this will be a challenge but I truly need to keep my priorities in line.

4. Organize my life overall - difficult to explain right now, but after baby, find a new routine that works for us all!

5. Take care of myself - in more than just physical ways, but also mental and spiritual ways.

These are vague, but need to be with all the major life changes going on. I have high hopes that 2009 will be a good year!

blushpea said...

Me again. I felt like a cop out using the EXACT same resolutions I used for 2008, even though I'm trying to do the same things this year too. I pondered some more & came up w/ resolutions that are more conceptual yet resonate w/ me more right now...

- Savoring the NOW & realizing the riches I already have everyday.

- Continue to practice dealing w/ negativity in positive & proactive ways.

- Striving for my goals (noted above) not only w/ a sense of purpose but a sense of KINDNESS, to myself, & to others.


Scrappin Kitty said...

get fit, by being more active, and eating healthy. Right at the moment I'm at the most unhealthy weight I've ever been due to dealing with depressing and other medical issues.

Learn to deal with stress better

Send out b-day and special occasion cards on time. I tell my self to do it every year, but it never gets done

Enjoy life more, no matter what it thows at me. I've become a bit pestmistic about life, and need to have a brighter outlook on it

and last but not least get some of my older pics scrapped, istead of just the new stuff.