Sunday, February 22, 2009

Biweekly QueZZtion, Feb 22, 2009

Okay gang, interest in/responses to these queZZtions has been dwindling so I'm posting this FIRST Biweekly QueZZtion but I'm not creating a "Biweekly" label for it yet. If someone answers, coolio! We'll continue on a biweekly basis. If not, this'll probably be the last QueZZtion until interest is expressed again.

What are some of your memories re: LUNCH DURING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL?

Me - I remember I had a Muppets metal lunchbox at one point, & also a Tupperware lunchbox. If I didn't like what the cafeteria had scheduled, I brought my lunch - sandwiches, a thermos of Spaghettios, crackers, fruit or cookies, etc... My mom used to write cheery little notes on my napkins, sometimes w/ tiny pics she drew... telling me to have a great day & whatnot... oh how I wish I kept at least one of those napkins! They really made my day. And she'd freeze my oj/apple juice/punch cans so the drinks would be partially frozen when I got to 'em.

If I bought my lunch, it was because the cafeteria had something I liked - Frito Pie was a BIG FAVE! Did any other schools besides the ones in Texas ever have it? (Chili & cheese over Fritos!) The school pizza was odd but I ate it. Same w/ the burgers. I don't think I liked the school spaghetti though I loved non-school spag. I LOVED Fudgsicles which the caf sold.

I had a pretty healthy social life back then - I was kinda a misfit but not awfully so, I was interactive & had many friends. So lunch was pretty comfortable, plus I think assigned seats (by class before lunch) over the years avoided any kids being left out, we talked to whoever we were sat w/. I particularly remember convincing TC that I could remove the roof of my mouth & then place it back (psst, it was my retainer). He clucked & clucked & tried to do remove the roof of his mouth with all his might... "I can't do it!" he exclaimed. Heh-heh....

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