Sunday, March 22, 2009

Biweekly QueZZtion, Mar. 22, 2009

Do you have any nicknames? If so, discuss what they are & how you got 'em! If not, then discuss that too - are you disappointed or relieved you don't have one?


blushpea said...

1. Sharon Badaron - This is something my sisters (Shirley Badirley & Sally Badally) & I have done since childhood! Others know us by these names too, but no one else has these names for themselves too, not even my brother. (PS has nothing to do w/ being "bad" - it's just fun w/ syllables!)

2. Sharebear - Someone in my college dorm called me this affectionately & it stuck w/ my college friends. Spontaneously, one of my friends called me this, I told her the story, so now she calls me this too.

3. Swee'Pea or Pea - My main band in the 90s consisted of Southerners who met up in NYC; we all had nicknames. Mine & the drummer's really stuck - there are dozens of people out there who liked our band & never knew my real name!

4. Sonnet - I tried to give myself this one word nickname (ala Sting) in 10th grade, it never caught on. I revealed this at a company outing, my old coworkers thought this was HILARIOUS & have since used it.

There are more (DH has a running list of 'em!) but those are the ones I'm revealing for now. :o)

Janet said...

1. Janetto... just for fun.
2. J-Dawg... don't know how that got started but my hubby calls me this once in awhile
3. Yanet Vagner - My maiden name was Wagner and friends in high school liked to bring out the German heritages
4. Janette - Just another way to pronounce it
5. Wags - Again, my maiden name was Wagner

I don't really mind any of them... as long as I'm not being called Jan I'm fine. (It's NOT my name... my name is Janet, after all)