Sunday, March 8, 2009

Biweekly QueZZtion, Mar. 8, 2009

This one comes from one of our fantastic pledgezz, Jen!

What was your favorite book/story as a child?

Mine was "The Fox and The Hound" (although I always called it Tod and Copper, and for several years thought that was the actual title). When I was four or so, I used to make my mom read it to me practically every night, to the point where she pretty much had it memorized (actually, I wouldn't really be surprised if she could still recite most of it 25+ years later!). A few years ago, I bought the Disney movie version, but it's just not the same...

My second favorite was "The Aristocats" (does anyone see a theme here?!) Like the first book, we had to read it constantly, except we didn't actually own this one so we were regularly checking it out at the library!


blushpea said...

As a child, I adored a volume of the Grimms Fairy Tales that was given to me as a gift; it was illustrated by Arthur Rackman. Here's a link to some of his art: The stories were a little more gruesome than the traditional American Disney-fied versions of the tales, & the gorgeous art was more mature too. I would have classical music on, read this book, look at the illustrations, & take off on flights of fancy where I was a princess, a royal lady in rags who wasn't aware yet of her princess-dom, or pretty much anything other than a normal Asian-American girl growing up in Houston, TX who wished upon stars for something more!

There are probably a bunch o' books/stories I loved as a kid but that was the first I thought of.

Gelidy Gelato said...

I am going to digress as I am way too old to remember a childhood book (maybe it will come to me as I type this).
As I was leaving the library Wednesday, with five books in hand, I was thinking how lucky I was that the love of books & the library, instilled in me by my parents as a little child, is still there. My parents exposed me to many things including violin, piano & ballet lessons, The Arts including museums & theater, a love of nature & animals, camping, fishing, sailing, farming, horseback riding, and a quest for knowledge through reading.

I got my first library card, at a very early age, and started reading books with a passion. Over the years, no matter how many times I moved, I always found and used the local library. My tastes in books goes back & forth from fiction to non-fiction and from recognized literary genius to trashy paperbacks. And then there were those great "summer books" that were soon then be made into movies. Who could forget Roots (actually I did and had to go look it up).

But going back to the question I wish I could say I remember books like Dr Seuss or Curious George as a child but I don't. I would have to say the first books that made an impact on my life were Huckleberry Finn, White Fang, Robinson Crusoe, Animal Farm, a play called Laura, and Moby Dick (even though I read this while traveling the NYC subway in my tweenties). PS I also remember reading Lords of the Rings and Catch 22 as a young teen (30+ years ago).