Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Biweekly QueZZtion April 19: Organization?

I'm going ahead and posting a question for Marsha since I haven't heard back from her. What are your favorite organization tips? If you have any please share!!!


pixel packin' mama said...

i am going to be first again, then i will do the next one. i have it already planned. i am not an organized person and i really don't like organized things! i like clutter, i feel comfortable with it. i guess that is why my favorite scrapbooking style is shabby chic. sorry, can't help anyone on this one.

Twinstars said...

I'm constantly changing how I organize my scrap supplies - re-organizing is half the fun :). I have most of my stuff in plastic 3 drawer units, but can't seem to hit on the exact right way to sort things! I need to find a better system to actually see what I have and use up some older supplies!

blushpea said...

Hmm, I only have a scrap armoire for my supplies (as opposed to a room) so my system is limited by space. But similarly to Marsha, I kind of like the disorganization, it leads to some random combos in my pages!

That being said, I DO keep a log of the paper packs/kits that I get/have. When I get ready to scrap, I skim that & end up remembering about paper I've forgotten, or seeing unexpected choices that might work.

And I keep my scraps organized by color in an accordion paper holder that I look through prior to scrapping (so fulfilling to use those scraps).

As far as organizing thoughts, if I'm going to a crop or I have some spare time during the week (as it's hard for me to actually scrap until the weekend), I sketch out ideas & set aside a few of the paper/embellie/stamp choices I have in mind.

Yup... that's about the extent of my organization!

Janet said...

I hate (okay not hate, but dislike... most of the time) cleaning, but I LOVE organizing! My best tip is to minimize what you have... seeing what all you have and purging what you never use makes for more organization with what you do have. When it's organized, I'm more likely to work harder to keep it that way! I have a huge thing from IKEA that my scrapbook stuff is in.. along with a small desk and closet. Sadly, it is more for storage and organization than scrapping!