Sunday, May 31, 2009

Biweekly QueZZtion, May 31, 2009

Okaay, since the last BWQ generated the cyber-sounds of crickets chirping, I'll ask another one!

What is your "uniform" at work & in life? Meaning the clothes/outfits you tend to wear the most? Sure we all try to change things up but there are just some outfits that prevail over others because we like them, they're comfortable, or because we have to! (in cases of those of you who have actual required "uniforms").

At my last job which was a casual-dress office, I probably wore casual pants (jeans or chinos of different colors ) & long sleeve tees (of different colors) probably 80% of the time. Both cut slim & flattering, but comfortably. My current job is more office-y so now I tend to wear a step up these days - trousers & different flavors of buttondown shirts. But outside of the office, I still gravitate towards that casual office combo. In the summer, it's sundresses, for work or play; the location dictates the hemline &/or the cover-up over it, if any. And I tend to wear flats most of the time... I want shoes that can comfortably take me on a 20 block walk if that's what I feel like doin'!

The clothes we gravitate towards are like good friends some days... even within a dress code, there is something comforting about wearing your "sure thing" outfits. Share a bit about your "uniforms." :)

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Gelidy Gelato said...

I look forward to Fridays where we have a relaxed dress code at work. On Fridays out come my black jeans and a trendy top.