Sunday, May 3, 2009

biweekly queZZtion

ok thought long and hard about this one and in my immaginative state, i came up with this one. what kind of house would you like to have for your dream house. and how much land, and where?


pixel packin' mama said...

ok! i would like a ranch house with a lot of room, i don't like stairs so it has to be a ranch. it does not even have to be pretentious, just a lot of room, maybe 3,000 sq feet, with a big screened in porch and a mother-in-law appartment, and a basememt appartment for any number of my kids when they need to visit. it would have to be in ft myers florida, which is a relitivly forgotten area on the west coast, with wonderful beaches and warm weather all year long. i would like about 1-2 acres, nothing more because it would be too much to take care of. it would also have to have a pond and a screened in area for my more exotic chamelions. also a small barn for one or two horses. thats all there is too it!

blushpea said...

Oooh that sounds nice, Marsha.

I had a hard time answering this - I LOVE NYC but I also love occasional jaunts upstate to the country. I figure if I'm doing a dream house, i could afford both, LOL. My dream New York city home would be as big as a suburban house (which is a rarity in the city unless you're wealthy), lots of sunlight streaming in, light wood, very inviting living/family rooms (also a rarity to have both in the city) filled but not cluttered w/ beloved objects, modern kitchen w/ lots of counterspace... I guess a few bedrooms (master, 1 or 2 for a kid or 2, hobby rooms for Greg & me & maybe a guest room. Perhaps enough room for my family to visit & not be on top of each other.). And in a charming neighborhood (staying here would be fine, walking distance within views of the Hudson River, just w/ a HUGE amount of more space, LOL).

In the country in upstate NY, I'd have a house large enough to fill w/ my visiting family members, orchard or lake within walking distance, hill view... Decorated cozily & charmingly. Also not so deserted, close enough to town or other houses to feel safe ('cause that freaks me out about the country at night, being so solitary in places, LOL!)