Friday, July 17, 2009


Lots of interstate travel this month among our group. Marlene trekked out to PA and Chris to NC for a weekend, while Sharon flew to TX and Lisa to NY, and Brian's made a trip of TX and OK. Makes me wanna travel, too!

What is one state you haven't traveled to that you would like to visit?


blushpea said...

Hawaii is the OVERWHELMING frontrunner! Everyone says it lives up to the hype & it's as beautiful as its reputation. My parents, one sister & my brother's family recently went - their vacation photos are brimming w/ vivid colors, sunlight & smiles. :)

I'd also like to go to Maine one day (hear it's lovely, friends' fave), & Arizona too to see the stunning Grand Canyon, but Hawaii was the hands down answer of this question.

AND if we venture to US territories, I'd say Guam & Puerto Rico, for the same kinda beach getaway I blurted out "Hawaii!" for. ;)

Twinstars said...

I swear I thought I answered this already....maybe I started to and got sidetracked. Sheesh.

Anyhow, Hawaii and Arizona are topping my list right now - no specific reasons, I've just always wanted to visit those two places!! The New England area (ideally in the fall) is a close runner-up.