Sunday, August 9, 2009

Style ?OM

Now that we've welcomed new memberzz in our group, it's a good time to reacquaint ourselves with our scrafting styles and strengths so that we can continue to help each other improve upon them. To do so, I have a multipart quezztion for every one of us to answer.
1) Share with the group what you consider to be your scrafting strengths.
2) If you feel you tend to fall into a certain style, share that, too. (If you click on a lo in your gallery, then Edit Image, then Style, you'll get a list to consider.)
3) Share your scrafting goals and what aspects of your style you'd like us to focus on when critiquing your work.
4) Include any suggestions you would not consider using.

Here is a sample response I concocted that does not necessarily reflect my own views:
I am a multiphoto scrapper and my pages show a smooth flow from one photo to the next. Most of my pages appear to have clean and simple lines, few embellishments, and little journaling. I'd like more suggestions on how to incorporate more embellishments, patterned paper, and journaling without compromising my clean and simple style and overpowering my photos. I prefer simple embellies and I do not like to use flowers and flourishes.

The more information you include, the better we can help each other. Over time your style may evolve. Please feel free to update accordingly.


twinscrapbee said...

"I am a multi-photo scrapper for the most part, but do dabble in single photo LO's. I don't think I have one style, I try to choose something that will work with what my subject/photos are about and go from there. A weakness...I am hesitant to use multiple patterns in a LO as I am not sure it will look good. I also am not always sure how to add ribbon to LO's but I try. I am trying and will put a recent LO using multiple patterns up for "examination" shortly. There is nothing I won't try...although I do not have a Cricut or any thing like it....yet. :) I am open for any suggestions, ideas, comments that come my way. All of the comments will open my mind to new ideas and styles.
Let the games begin! Let the fun begin! I hope that answered all of the questions."
--on behalf of newbie Chell Rae aka Michelle

twinscrapbee said...

"Ok as far as my style. I'm almost always do multi-pic. I don't know what to actually call my style. I love to try new things. I love pp, inking, and stickles. I have a cricut but have never used it."
--on behalf of newbie Becky aka Becky Scraps

twinscrapbee said...

"I wouldnt really say I have a "style". I go with what I like. For the most part I am a multi pic scrapper, but if I have 1 pic that I really, really love, I will use it alone for it to stand out more.

I would *love* some cc and am open to all- good and bad! Although I will not change my LO (usually) I will file it away for next time."
--on behalf of newbie Amanda aka lifeinthefastlane

Chris said...

"I have adopted the style of being simple, using one photo and not alot of details. But I am working toward using more photos per LO and "dolling" it up a bit LOL I always lean toward bright colors and pink LOL that is due to the fact I have 2 girls I live for trying new stuff even if I end up no good at it(alcohol inking for instance), I love all pretty paper no matter who makes it and am stickles addict LOL"
-- on behalf of newbie Margaret aka scrappinmomto2girls

Chris said...

I like to think that my scrafting strengths include allowing myself to be shown in the creations I make. I also feel that I do a decent job at trying new techniques on for size, and tossing them away if they don't suit me. But IMO, I can't knock it till I've tried it...therefore, I have to try it all! Or, at least everything I can try within reason.

I don't have a specific style. I can scrap single-pic or multi-pic layouts with the same relative ease, using lots or little embellishment. I am tending to, lately, steer towards not as many embellishments, however I do like having dimension on my LO somewhere, somehow.

My scrafting goal is to get myself "caught up"... By that, I don't mean get all of my pictures done, but instead to complete projects that are high on my list within a designated amount of time.

Critique it spelling, grammar, what-have-you.

denitza said...

I don't think I have a " style". I try to use more than one photo from an event, but there has been one photo los coming out of my scrap room as well. I like the photos to be the center of attention. I try to choose pps and embellies according to the photos. I have hard time leaving empty space on the page-sometimes I feel like every inch has to be covered. I don't like to use flowers too much or bling. I try to recycle as much as possible-cardboard, packaging material...Most of the time I use colors that I know will work together-I want to try some color combos that I haven't tried before. I am open to all kinds of critiques/comments-sometimes peeps see things I haven't even consider trying, so don't hold back! :)I'm not very good at journaling, so that is another area I'd like to get better.
Brenda, feel free to correct and spelling/grammar whatever you see on my los!

Janet said...

1) Clean cut layouts with multi-photos
2) I think I kind of have a style all my own, but I don't think it falls into any certain genre
3) To preserve memories and have fun - scrapping is a social event at times and I love that!
4) Nothing really - fire away!

jesse said...

1. I'm pretty good with color. Depending on the LO, I can usually manage to find something oddball to add to it. Some may not consider that a strength, but I'm a little off so it fits me! :)

2. I don't think I fall into a particular style.

3. I love really layered LO's; the ones that have tons of detail and look like they take hours to create. I want to get better at creating those.

4. I love journaling on other people's pages, but I ain't gonna do it! I don't like to write at all, I'm lucky to get a date on a page. But really, I'm open to any suggestion (even if it's "add journaling" LOL).

blushpea said...

1) My strengths are incorporating multi-pics, lots of journaling, collage work & responding to SHCG challenges! I guess I'm "strong" at all these because I LOVE them.

2) I don't adhere to one style but if I had to name one, I'd consider my overall style "whimsical, w/ lots of imperfect loveliness," i.e. I'm not someone who has to have absolute perfection, there's always something a little bit "off" in a good way.

3) Like Chris, my goal is to be more "caught up," not in a "scrap it ALL" sense, but that there are a few major events I'd like done, leaving room for other stuff along the way. I'd also like to continue streamlining my process more...I trust my instincts more & obsess less these days in order to maximize my time, it's been cool working on "running w/ it..." And I want to continue to learn & try new stuff, while not forgetting the cool old stuff too (techniques, supplies etc).

4) I'd consider all suggestions! But my main goal is capturing my story, my way, so even if I get critiques that are for bettering the look of my LOs, I won't do 'em if I have to subtract from my storytelling. I know that my pages might be more pub-worthy if I had less journaling or pics, but that's what I want to tell my stories. Likewise, sometimes I get critiques for matting a few but not all pics; I do that for a reason, to highlight pics that mean more to me. From a design view, I agree w/ the critiquers who suggest matting 'em all, but the storytelling view is more important to me than the visual, that's just the kind of scrapper I am! :) But I'll listen to any critiques 'cause I know this group puts supportive thought into them.