Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day ?OM

Inspired by Canada, New York City celebrated the first Labor Day in the U.S. in 1882. What was your first paid job?


Janet said...

Babysitting... or tutoring... if those two don't count... working at a photo shop!

blushpea said...

Being an extra on a TV movie starring Denzil Washington, "The George McKenna Story." They plucked my dad to play a Shakespeare fest judge & you see him more than me in the movie!

My first regularly paid job was a hostess at Birraporetti's, "a great Italian restaurant, a heck of an Irish bar!" Small restaurant chain (mostly in TX but w/ a few locations outta state). I eventually started waiting tables & would return during all my college vacations to work. I met some great peeps there & had awesome times. :)

blushpea said...

I also probably babysat a few times before the restaurant work, but didn't have a regular gig.

Gelidy Gelato said...

babysiting, raking leaves, shoveling snow.
First real paying job was either the job I had putting out the halmark greeting cards in a drug store or trimming the extra threads off of coats in a coat factory. Not sure which one came first.
a little side note
I would take the fabric scraps home and make clothes for my troll dolls.

Twinstars said...

Catching up on older questions!

My first paid job was at a concession stand at a local racetrack (my parents knew the owner and that's how I got the job). It was a once-a-week, summers-only thing. We were paid cash out of the register at the end of the night, so it wasn't terribly official.

My first real regular job was the summer after my freshman year of college - I worked in a toilet/sink factory and H A T E D it! I had the option to go back the following summer but chose to wait tables at Applebee's instead, which took me through the next 5-ish years!