Saturday, September 26, 2009


Thizz quezztion comes to you from Margaret (scrappinmomto2girls) who might be feeling guilty about feeling guilty. Do ya feel her? Then feel this:

Do you ever try to justify things you want to buy or do, and then end up talking yourself out of whatever it is?


blushpea said...

Are we talking just scrap-related here or all big purchases?

Re: scrap stuff, I LUV new stuff but I'm not the kind of person who counts scrap-shopping as much as a hobby as scrapping (like others do, which is totally fine BTW). Plus I have limit storage space. So if it's a big purchase, it's usually not an impulse buy but something I've thought about for a while & identified a need (or rather, a really strong want!) for. So yeah I justify big ticket stuff. If it IS a rare impulse buy, it's usually pretty inexpensive ($20 or less). Often, I'll put the things I wanted to impulse-buy, but didn't, in my wishlist, so at least I remember I wanted it... having it in my wishlist for a long time helps me justify when/if I'm ever to actually buy it later!

If we're talking all things non-scrappy too... I kinda do the same thing. I have to notably want something for a while - justify it so it's not an impulse buy. And whether or not I actually get it later varies.

Twinstars said...

I definitely do this (with both higher priced items and less expensive stuff). I have a tendency to buy stuff just because it's on sale and someday I might want/need it (it usually turns out that I don't!). I've gotten better lately at passing on things I don't truly want/need, but clearance tables and sales racks are still a big weakness!!