Tuesday, November 17, 2009

?OM Thanksgiving Disasters

Let's give thanks to Lisa for her ?OM idea. Fall, family, fireplace, feast, fun--phooey! Time to dish the dirty details. What is the most disastrous Thanksgiving you've had? Serve it up!


denitza said...

The biggest disaster was when the in laws came to visit one year with SIL and her kids and the conversation got to the point when SIL started crying and they all left. My DH said a lot of stuff back then and now he tries to keep his thoughts on the subject to himself. I guess since then we have been just the 4 of us for T-giving and Christmas and we are very laid back about it.

blushpea said...

Well, if we're talking cooking disaster, one year my friend cooked up a turkey that was undercooked in parts but it wasn't that bad. I was his guest along w/ 2 other friends who were meeting him for the 1st time.

But the 1st thing I thought of was when DH & I met his dad & all his brothers in Colorado one Thanksgiving (LOs in my gallery) & one of the brothers upped & left the vacation! There were events leading up to that (he was getting good-naturedly ribbed about something) but stuff behind all of it to. The rest of us were baffled but took the event in stride for the rest of the vacay. Everything has since been discussed w/ said BIL & it's all good. But every family has its dramatic chapters & this was one of them!