Sunday, May 23, 2010

BWC #11 "Everything but the Kitchen Sink"

Hello my Scrappy friends!

I want to recognize a few LO's in response to a few challenges:

BWC #6 - Put Letters on that Photo!

Marlene's " That's just how I roll"

Sharon's "Philippines"

Denitza's "Madison"

Michelle's "Kitty on the roof"

BWC#7 "Today"
Denita's "Today"

BWC #8 - Your Theme Song
Sharon's "Beautiful Day"

Denitza's "Peace"

Brian's " 30 years;Page 5"

Now onto the BWC #11 "Everything but the Kitchen Sink"
It will make sense when you see the requirements:
1. Close your eyes and chose 3 pieces of cardstock (if you store them like I do, separated by colors/themes, then lay them on a table and chose)
2. must use deco scissors (I assume we all have at least one pair)
3. use 1 piece of ribbon
4. use at least one flower
5. use and arrow of any size, shape or medium
6. use metal e.g. brads, corners, staples, eyelets, anchors or whatever else you might have
7. use inking or stamping. If you tend to do a lot of inking, consider using stamping and vise versa
8. use at least one button

Like I said, "Everything but the Kitchen Sink". I was inspired by Wendy's challenge of using scrapping scraps (although I had just gotten rid of mine a few weeks before she issued the challenge!) and utilizing things we don't "normally" use.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing what we can come up with!

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