Monday, July 19, 2010

2Q10 #6: Untouched Technique

Given that the clouds in my life could definitely use a shimmery lining, glimmer mist seems like it would make a logical addition to my scrafting toolkit. Yet, I haven't brought myself to tackle this technique. I like to have a certain amount of control over the results of my projects, so the randomness of glimmer misting scares me a little. I worry that I'll only end up with condensation chaos rather than dazzling diamond-like drops, or worse, drown a scraftroom that can barely stay afloat.

What is one scraft technique you'd like to try, but have yet to touch?


Michelle said...

Alchol inks! My best friend sent me some for my birthday and I have no idea how to use them. She described how she was told to use them, but the process still has me a bit uneasy. I will have to see if there are any videos out there to show me how to use them. Have any of you used them? If so,how do you recommend they be used? I may have to just dive in and experiment with them. It could result in a challenge response to Wendy's using our scraps.

blushpea said...

Ditto Michelle - I thought alcohol inks before I even read her response! I too received a vial of alcohol ink as a gift & have yet to explore it. I'd like to buy at least another color before I dive in (though I've used it in classes). Looks very cool...I'll get to it on my own someday!