Sunday, September 12, 2010

BWC #19 - Catch-Up BWC

Firstly, shouting out to BWC responses posted since the last one:

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Please check these out if you haven't already...

Now - it's time for your every-four-months Catch-Up BWC! Your chance to take a breather & get your creativity SPARKED by past BWCs.

Here's the description to the last BWC: BWC #18 - Negative Image & Hybrid Working Together (posted by .MaRLeNe./Marlene) - Okay everyone, time for a new challenge from moi LOL I would love you guys to try something different, so here goes.

I challenge you all to take a regular color photo and change it into black and white negative image for a dramatic look on your photo project. Directions will follow below * I finished my 52 Card Pickup class and this was one of the favorite techniques.

Now I also challenge you to do some hybrid scrapbooking. I’ve been obsessed with Polaroid picture images lately. I was searching the web and found this blog: i... I love these downloads and they’re free! Now you don’t have to use any of the downloads from this site, but I just wanted to share. I challenge you to print up some digital images and use them in your layout.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Happy Scrapping

* Instructions for negative image technique:
1. Insert photo image with high contrast into a Word document.
2. Make sure the photo is highlighted in your Word document to cause the format picture tool bar to pop up. Select the image control icon, which will cause a drop-down menu to appear. Select the black & white option from this drop-down menu to change the photo to a negative
image. Use the contrast controls to darken the photo further, if desired.
3. Print and you’re ready to go!

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