Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BWC #24 - Lift Yourself!

Pardons this is a couple of days late, I gots a preemie at home now - Caruso was discharged from the NICU on FRIDAY!

We've had many challenges where you lift someone else. But how about lifting yourself? Or rather, lifting yourself when you were in a former scrapper era, before you developed your current style? For this BWC, I want you to lift one of YOUR OWN LO's that is at least TWO YEARS old. If you've been scrapping for less than two years, then just try to go to your earliest era as possible. I think it will be fun to give the works of your former-scrap-self a fresh take AND some kudos... so many people don't celebrate their early-days enough, let's give your former-scrap-self some creative flattery by imitating what she/he did in the past!

FYI my sample LO of this is planned in my head but I will most likely be severely delayed in scrapping/posting it... :)

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