Sunday, April 3, 2011

MC #1- Get Your Journaling On!

Welcome to the first Monthly Challenge of 2011.  With our busy schedules, we hope that having less challenges will make it easier for more participation in them.

Before getting to this challenge, I'd like to share who participated in the last challenge -- Denitza's BWC#6:
Chris's Month 10
Denitza's Happy Easter
Brenda's Christmas 2010

For some of us, journaling is not a challenge.  It comes naturally.  We enjoy it.  For's pure pain.  For both parties, I have a challenge, and for most of us, this type of journaling is different than what we do normally.

Your challenge this month is to:
1. write your journaling to someone (i.e. the person the page is about); OR
2. use a long title which can stand alone as your journaling; OR
3. if you're feeling adventurous, do both!

Here's an example of a layout where I use both journaling to someone and a long title:
As is common in his first year album, my journaling is to my son.  Had I not included the journaling, the title -- "You are a silly happy sweet boy" -- could stand alone and still give a great idea as to the thoughts/feelings I have while looking at the photos on the page.

Here's another example where I use just a long title:
Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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