Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MC #2 - Right Now

Forgive my lateness in posting the February Monthly Challenge.

As Little Man grows up, I've been learning that a) scrapbooking is easier to do because he's easier to occupy,, b) I have a PLETHORA of photos I love but have no real association to anything worthy of scrapping on it's own and c) I need to scrap more in the here-and-now.

That all being said, I sat down earlier this year after writing a list of all the words kiddo was saying, and I scrapped it...Right THEN (well, okay, then being after he went down for his nap).  I then left the layout somewhere I had access to it for the remainder of the day and proceeded to add additional words to it that I had missed on the earlier list.

Here's that layout, Right Now: Words -
So here is your challenge:
Scrap something RIGHT NOW.  Scrap a moment in the present.  Project Lifers, you have an advantage here.  Include "Right Now" in your title.

Ideas for this challenge would be like my above words list, also little funny quips your kid(s), family, friends, co-workers may have said today.  Scrap it before you forget it!

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