Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Styles: Ineractive, Mosaic, Grunge, Heritage

This my idea of "mosaic". A LO that has some sort of picture that is in many pieces, separated, but still able to tell what the picture was in the first place. I remember seeing a LO before in the gallery where it was a landscape picture, and it was cut into three pieces, matted in black, and separated across the page. The outer two pieces were skinnier than the center one. I liked that one too. But Katie did a good job on this one too.. the picture being separated in pieces like this is what looks like mosaic to me.

I think this was my favorite one to look for. I love love love old photos.. and how beautiful and pure women always seemed to look. I picked these because they just, to me, are beautiful and pure and what i see to be someone's heritage.

These two kind of fit in my category as "grunge". I'm not quite sure why, i think they both have the look of not being so "pretty and perfect" but went out of the linear perfectness. The left pic they kind of painted a little over the picture. The right,there is a lot of "worn" spots all over the yellow paper. To me, i always see grunge as a construction worker just getting home from work before a shower. lol.. not pretty and/or perfect. haha anyways.

This LO, for me, is what i see to be an interactive one. Something that has some sort of hidden journaling that you have to literally touch the LO and move something in order to read or see another thing that is hidden on purpose.

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