Sunday, February 4, 2007

Weekly Challenge #6 & 7...SIGNIFICANT OTHER (with a twist)

Hats off to the Complementary Color challenge (WC #5) participants:

  1. Moi
  2. Mel
  3. K
  4. Jessica
  5. Katie
  6. Me
  7. Brenda

As always, will update if necessary!

This week's challenge will actually be taking up both week #6 and #7. I have to admit, this is a Robyn original (to the best of my knowledge) so you have only me to blame for this idea. With Valentine's Day around the corner I of course wanted to do a significant other related challenge, but it's all been done, kwim? So... I have decided to put a twist on it. The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to turn your significant other loose in your stash! You heard (read) me right girlz! My proposal is this: choose a picture (or multiple pictures) of yourself or anything really, give them to hubby/bf and let him choose 4 sheets of PP and 3 embellies from you stash that he wants you to use to scrap them. I thought this may be especially good for your girlz working on your BOMs right now. You can add to the other person's selection, but you have to use the embellies/papers he pics out. Just to clarify, if they pick out a whole sheet of stickers I don't expect you to use all of them, but you must use at least one. It doesn't have to be your hub or a BF for you to do the challenge. It can be a friend, one of your kids, etc. NO CHEATING! Remember, you have two weeks! See ya in the thread...

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