Sunday, February 17, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week, 02/17/08

This week's question comes from one of our pledgezz Amanda/kittyblevins:

"Going with this week's Valentines theme. my question is 2 parts. What is the BEST and WORST dates you have ever been on?"



blushpea said...

(Someone of you know this story...)My best date wasn't supposed to be a "date." Background: I was 1st introduced to Greg in '01; he was old h.s. buddies w/ my then-BF. I remember being struck by Greg's positive energy & cuteness, though my feelings were platonic. Things w/ then-BF eventually imploded in the spring of '02. A month or 2 later, linked by another mutual friend, Greg & I had 2 amazing, stuff-of-dreams, falling-in-love dates in one week. But when Greg told my ex about the dates, ex reacted dramatically & angrily. The proximity to my recent breakup w/ his old buddy was too much, & Greg said we should hold off from dating, though we could be "just friends." I was heartbroken but exhilarated to know that I had a taste of true love for a short time... I had an agonizing Greg-free week after that.

The weekend after Greg-free week, Greg called & asked me if I wanted to get something to eat. I suggested spending an afternoon at the (romantic) Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Since we were supposed to be "just friends," I felt comfortable wearing a very cute & flattering tiny little pink tank top & form fitting brown short-shorts. I looked hot, I admit! But no big deal w/ "just friends" right?! We went to the garden & it was clear we still liked each other. And at some point, he just said to himself, screw his good old friend who treated me awful, because we were really falling for each other. So he broke our "just friends" thing & finally kissed me at the Gardens. We spent the afternoon kissing amidst beautiful vegetation, laughing, talking & kissing some more.

Fast forward 2 years later - the night before our destination wedding, Greg gathered our few wedding guests in our suite & surprised us all w/ a video showing him playing on guitar & singing an original song he wrote about that day called "The Girl" about how "love started that day" & "the Garden was ours." The rest is history & the stuff of many sb LOs...!

My worst date isn't a fun worst date, it had to deal w/ my abusive ex so don't wanna go into that. And I had some bad dates that make entertaining stories but the guys were good guys (though so wrong for me) so they're not my true 2nd worst date. I think my 2nd worst date was: During college or post-college I was walking home to the East Village from the gym, smiling/singing to myself. I attracted this average looking guy who said he wanted to get to know me, he was a standup comic, let's get together, here's my #... So a month or two later, I saw a comic I liked, Rich Hall, was coming to town & I really wanted to go. None of my friends wanted to, I didn't wanna go alone so I called this guy. I figured, he's a comic & someone I could chill w/ there platonically, whatever. We agreed to meet at the club. So I get there, & turns out Rich is sharing the bill w/ an Australian singer/songwriter, or Rich was someone's opening act? Anyway, this guy is all resistant to going to the show because it's not a full Rich show. And I'm like thinking, the only reason I called you, dude, was so I could see Rich Hall w/ someone! Somehow, he is annoying enough to talk me into skipping the show & going to dinner w/ him instead. He ends up being a real starf*cking name dropper - blabbing bout this famous person, that famous designer, this show biz party blah blah. So not only am I missing the show I wanna see, I'm stuck w/ this not-great-looking guy who's shallow & boring! At the end of the "date," this dude asks "Are you happy?" I answered honestly yes. He said "I don't think you're a happy person, Sharon." I AM a happy person, dude, I was just UNHAPPY with you! I wish I had had the guts to let him know that then, but I was younger & didn't have the backbone I have now. If I did, I would've just gone to the show alone!

Gelidy Gelato said...

Worse date… humm so many…
One I can think of in particular was a first AND last date. I remember being very excited to be going out with a professional man after having recently moved to Manhattan. I was in my early 20s and had high hopes of what our date would be…a Broadway play, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a carriage ride in the park. The sky was the limit. Well when he showed up in a flannel shirt, I had to work hard to contain my disappointment. Off to a restaurant we went where I chatted up a storm over drinks and dinner. Along comes the check and he says your portion of the bill is and listed the amount. I nearly died. I had no idea this was going to be a Dutch treat date. And to make matters worse this was before I owned a credit card and I didn’t have enough cash on me to cover my portion. I was so embarrassed and gave him every last penny I had. He kept hammering away about the money and I don’t really remember what happened next. But I do know I never went out with him again.

Best date… humm so many…
I am going to just jump in with the first one that comes to mind. Right after moving to California I started dating an actor. He had a couple of acting jobs one of which was a regular on Cheers. He was know as “the sweater” guy, each week he could be spotted on a bar stool wearing a different sweater. Well our best date involved going to the Cheers Christmas party. I got to rub elbows with the cast right on the Cheers bar set. There was food, drinks, music, and a lot of laughter. They even flew in some snow. So afterwards there was a huge snow fight in the parking lot. I remember trying to knock Sam’s toupee off with a snowball. It never worked out for us, the actor and me that is…he was a little short for me anyway, but it was fun while it lasted.