Saturday, February 16, 2008

BWC #4: How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways...

Yes, you read it right. With Valentine's Day just a few days past, you probably expected this challenge to be a Valentine lo of your significant other. Well, you're half right, but I'm sure you have plenty of those los that list all the things you love and appreciate about your sweetie. This year, you are going to take a break from focusing on your flaws, and create a Valentine lo (or any other scrafty project) dedicated to yourself. It's time for some self-lovin' ladiezz! List all the things you love about yourself. Can you find 14?! Don't hesitate to showcase those special qualities you have that you believe go unrecognized by most.

There are a few more rules for this challenge: 1) "love" must appear on your work, 2) at least one heart must also appear on your work, 3) you must only use materials you have on hand, and 4) members who participated in the birthday swap within the past year must use an item they received in their birthday stash; while members who did not participate must use an item they received as gifts/raks.

Uploads for critique are due Sunday, March 2. Please feel free to share other Valentine los, as well. I hope you find this challenge empowering. Share the love.

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