Thursday, February 14, 2008

How Trakking is Being Done

Thank you for the welcome as an official member. The hazing wasn't too bad. I'm also excited to be the trakker, as I am a nerd and like this sort of thing. So galzz, here's what's up the trakking. Thanks to Microsoft Excel I have created a trakking system and even have a binder to put it in. I am trakking:
1. Submissions : When you post something for critique, it gets logged in my system

2. Weekly Check-Ins: Simply trakking the weekly check-ins. They will be logged in the month that the week ends.

3. Critiques: I am trakking critiques on each project. January critiques have been completed. This information will vary when it is posted. If a project is put in the thread at the end of this month, you'll still have some time in March to critique. I am following the 7 to 10 day rule from the group guidelines. In January, there was some leniency though. I will post how many done/how many possible. The second number varies per person because they do not critique their own stuff. Also, there are a few "exceptions" in this. For example: Lisa posted 10 layouts at once and asked for two to be critiqued. If you only critiqued two, you get credit for those, but will NOT be logged as not completing some as she only asked for two. BUT if you critiqued all of them, you will get that credit for those as you did take the time to do it. If I post that you did not critique everything, you are more than welcome to PM me to find out what project it was. I may have missed your name when going through the comments and please let me know if that happened.

4. BWC's Completed These are optional, but are being logged for tie breaking purposes.If a project is due in March, but you complete in February, you will get the submission credit in February, but the Completed Challenge credit in March, since this is how my system is designed.

5. QOW's Answered Also totally optional, but might be needed for tiebreaking purposes. I will also be logging these in the month the next question gets posted.

I will be posting trakking info under the Misc. Section of our group blog. Please let me know if that causes an issue for you. If anyone has any question on any of this, please feel free to shoot me a pm.

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