Monday, March 31, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week, 03/30/08

Another fun scrapbook-related QOW, this one coming from one of our fabulous Newbiezz, Amanda:
What is your fave embelishmant, and why? What is your least favorite embelishment, and why?

All right, grrlzz, enjoy!!


blushpea said...

If ink was an embellishment, it would definitely be my fave; however I think that's more of a technique, no? I checked out my last several LOs & was initially kinda surprised that FLOWERS, particular Primas, kept coming up as a fave embellishment. I hadn't been aware of that! But the more I think of it, the more that makes sense... I've always loved flowers & floral prints, & I find anytime in a LO that I have to symbolize something peaceful, or just represent myself (e.g. for in a CJ sign-in), I tend to use flowers. They just connote something beautiful & positive to me, & I love that.

Least fave embellie...anything that takes multiple-steps to create. Do I enjoy making quilled embellies/ embossed accents/ fusible fiber/ die cut letters that require inking/ anything cut w/ my Fiskars Shapecutter? Yes I very much enjoy the creative process in making those things. But does part of me GROAN w/ impatience at the extra time these take to do? You betcha!

cmeinstlou said...

I am a flower lova! I just think that flowers can give a great touch to almost any lo. I am also loving using my new Cricut for the titles & look forward to using it for other touches too!

My least favorite is probably stickers (Sorry Lisa!) although there are always exceptions and I too still use them from time to time.

Gelidy Gelato said...
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Gelidy Gelato said...

Favorite embellishments would be jewelry and ornaments.
Least favorite would be FLOWERS!

WendyGirl said...

My favorite embellishment would be brads. I use these things on every layout and have tons of them in my cupboards.

I would say that my least favorite embellishment would be simple die-cuts. Decorated they are fine, but just on a plain sheet of white or colored paper will make me cringe every time.

TMTCO said...

My favorite embellisment changes with each round of scrapping that I do.

I have loved flowers, brads, fibers, ribbons, hardware, even initials.

However, I'd have to say that right now it is torn paper. I find that every layout that I produce lately has a little rip of paper somewhere. I've said before that it is probably psychologically teling in some way. So, have at it Freud, because I haven't figured it out. Remember: sometimes a banana is just a banana. :-)