Sunday, May 25, 2008

BWC #11: Write on your photos.

Christy's Dove chocolate inspired Yum Yum challenge has our members eating more chocolates than scrapping about them! Until we've all had our fill, please chew on my response to BWC#7, which was actually inspired by Christy's challenge:

For this BWC, I did some research and checked out all of our current members' galleries, and the los we've uploaded since January. With the exception of Wendy's Masterpiece lo, I noted one technique we have yet to try--scraft a piece that incorporates writing and/or doodling on your photos. Use the negative space on a photo to handwrite your journaling. Cover up an unsightly image or background with some of your own doodling.

This idea appears as Challenge #9 in Elsie Flanigan's book 52 Scrapbooking Challenges. Here are some examples from her blog:

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