Sunday, May 25, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week - May 25, 2008

Memorial Day is the traditional "start of summer" for most of us. What do your summer plans consist of for this year?


cmeinstlou said...

My summer plans are mostly like every other day plans...except....

June!!! I'm so excited about the vacation I'm going to be taking with my daughters to Florida. We are going to rent a car, go to my daughters college orientation first, then the next day leave for the 14 hour drive to Florida. We have a free place to stay which rocks! A 3 bedroom home with an inground pool will be ours for almost a week. While there, we will be visiting Sea World and Busch Gardens and Tarpon springs. My girls have never seen the ocean and we have never been on a vacation together so this will be a great adventure for us.
I will then (hopefully) be bringing hubby back with me, maybe for good so the rest of my summer will consist of getting used to him being home again!!!

Janet said...

Nothing really exciting here either... until the end of July when I go with our office staff and a bunch of kids with diabetes to West Virginia. Then it's a week of "work" and having fun at the same time - white water rafting, mountain climbing, a day at the amusement park, etc... can't wait! Ry and I are planning vacation in the fall/summer.

blushpea said...

We're taking a vacation to Oregon. First a few days in Portland to see DH's sis-in-law graduate from med school & spend time w/ her, DH's bro & their baby daughter. DH's parents will also be there. Portland is a very cool, progressive city w/ great public transpo. Then it's off to a rented townhouse in Hood River, a small town 1 hr away off the Columbia River; Washington State is the other side of the river. Hood River is the windsurfing capital of the world & a very cool little town for a getaway. Will enjoy some warm weather snowboarding on nearby Mt. Hood, maybe some area hiking & general relaaaxing...yeah! My sis from San Diego is meeting us there, & my bro-in-law, his wife & baby will come out for a day trip. Should be fun!

For the Fourth of July, we're going to our friends' party; they have an annual big party/fireworks display & we're attending for the 1st time - looking forward to it!

The rest of the summer I'm/we're just enjoying... I have a cool new job that allows me to leave at 5:30PM (instead of 7:30PM-10PM like my last one) so there's plenty of everyday summer fun to be had (gym-ing, al fresco dinner/drinks, relaxing w/ DH, SCRAPPING & mo'!), hoping to have a BLAST this summer! Hope you do too. :)

Scrappin Kitty said...

I have lots going on this summer family wise. I hope to go out with my hubby on his 18 wheeler for at least 2 weeks in June, we are spending a week on family vacation in July, final destination still up in air due to rising gas prices :( . We have my niece comming down for a week to stay with us (summer tradition) kids are going to summer camp for 4 days.... and the list goes on. I hope to be around a lot this summer, but don't know how well that is going to happen.

Gelidy Gelato said...

summer plans
BAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good one.
MY plans are... don't have any.