Sunday, July 27, 2008

QOW: July 27, 2008

Heres something that we dont like to talk about but it can be really fun! First we have to accept that none of us are perfect!
SO! Tell us about your most embarrassing moment!


blushpea said...

Coincidentally, I just did a LO on this, check it out here: You'll have to read it to know what happened!

OK let me give you a new story since many of you guys already saw that one: In college, I had these "Movement for Actors" classes, which were basically dance classes but more conceptual (e.g. partner up, each of you embody an emotion through your body movements & "battle" each other), aimed at getting actors to be more expressive & freer w/ their bodies. So one time, we had to one by one get up in front of everyone, do a gesture (hair flip, elbow nudge, etc) & start doing it repeatedly, growing more exaggerated in our movement until it totally takes over your bod & you "lose control" (most of us ending up flailing 'round the room doing our exaggerated gesture as it takes over our body). So I get up, & I do mine & it's going great & about 2/3 into my exercise, when my gesture has already "lost control" & I'm bouncing round the room, I look down & see one of my breasts has come out of the top of my somewhat-lowcut tank leotard! There it is, one my my nipples, hanging out & enjoying the outside view of my exercise & my class! I quickly tugged my leotard to tuck it back inside! The thing is, no one interrupted me because they didn't wanna break my creative process & the class was aimed at losing body hangups/gaining body expression, so fortunately, the initial embarrassment I felt was only momentary!!

blushpea said...

My link got cut embarrassing story LO is the one titled "i'm NEW here," in my gallery... That's a more recent embarrassment... :)

Gelidy Gelato said...

I think one of my most embarrasing moments was when I wore two different colored shoes to work. I tried my best to not move about the office but I had no choice when it came time for lunch.

cmeinstlou said...

My most embarrassing moment was with a now ex-boyfriend.
We went into the city to go to a motorcycle show at the then TWA dome. It was a display for different motorcycle mfgrs to show off their new models of bikes, etc.

Anyway, we headed straight to the Harleys. Please note that I have only rode on the back of a few Harleys before (LOVE it).
Anyway, the "Sport" is the smallest Harley and I straddled the one they had on display, it was all new & shiney & pretty and I thought I looked like hot smit on it! I rolled it back & forth a little bit & after a few minutes, decided to "dismount". Still straddling the bike, I started to lean it slightly waiting for the kick stand to hold the weight of the bike.(which I thought was still safely in the down position) What I didnt realize at the time was that the rolling forward & backward motion moved the kickstand in the up or non-supportive position. By the time I realized the kickstand was up, it was too late, the bike was leaning at an angle where I could not hold the weight anymore so down I went, still straddling the bike in front of hundreds of people walking by. I did no damage to the bike but a huge dent in my pride as about 5 guys rushed over to help me & the bike up! My then boyfriend later told me he was so embarrassed that he almost wanted to walk away & act like he didnt know who i was!
I can laugh about it now but it was probably my most embarrassing moment.