Saturday, August 2, 2008

BWC 16: "Paper Ruffles"

First we would to acknowledge members who have participated in recent challenges. GREAT WORK LADIES!
Responses to The Kid Speaks To Me challenge:

QueenMel's "Hey...we wanna know"

Tiffany's "i {heart} Elvis"Marlene's "What Would You Say?"

Marsha's "Youth Is Wasted On The Young"

Sharon's "today you are YOU!" (which is also a response to the Stars and Stripes Forevahhhh challenge)

Tiffany's "Show Us The Candy" is a response to these challenges: Movie Quotes, Inchies, Yum Yum (Dove chocolate quote), Write on Your Photos, BWC 12 Sketch challenge, Lift Away and Stars and Stripes For-evahhhh.

Gelidy's "Birthday" Inchies (even if she made too many)

Marsha's "All American Girls" is a response to the Stars and Stripes For-evahhhh challenge.

Brenda's "Napan Valley" is a response to BWC 12's Sketch challenge.

Brenda's "Cheers" is a response to the Lift Away challenge.

This bi-week challenge is to incorporate a "Paper Ruffle" on your page.
Please join the fun and embed your page on the "Paper Ruffle" Challenge thread.

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