Sunday, August 3, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week 08/03/08

All righty, I'm up this week as I was first to answer Christy's fun embarrassing moments QOW (GREAT fun reading people's answers to that one, BTW!). So here goes... In honor of the upcoming Olympics, let's focus on GAMES! What were your favorite games growing up, what are they now? You can talk board games, card games, real-life games (i.e. sports), video games, you name it! C'mon out & PLAY!


Janet said...

I loved baseball/softball growing up. Now I still do! I also love college football now as well.

Re: Olympics... just about anything. As a little girl, I loved gymnastics. Now I'll watch about any event. I get teared up watching them receive medals and hearing the National Anthem!

blushpea said...

Growing up, I loved the board games Clue, Stratego, Life, Uno, Yahtzee. There was also some Peanut Butter & Jelly board game I always wanted it but never got it. I also went through a phase of making board games. I enjoyed playing soccer & basketball. As for video games, I had an old school Atari... Adventure, Space Invaders & Pitfall were faves, w/ Qbert being a beloved arcade game.

These days, my fave board games are Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit 20th ed. (from 80s-00s) & Pictionary. I don't play sports though I dig bocce & mini golf! (I was an awesome darts player in the 90s but no longer). Uno & Gin Rummy are still "my" card games. Had a PS1 in the 90s, loved Bust-a-Move, Jet Moto, Biofreaks, but no longer play video games outside of a rare arcade visit.

AND I've always loved watching NBA basketball, as a kid & an adult. I also have always enjoyed watching the Olympics but find it hard sometimes to sort out the viewing times for certain things...!

cmeinstlou said...

As a child I loved Pong, then Atari. I also loved lawn darts!!! Ends up they are horribly dangerous, who knew! LOL

I used to, and still love volleyball. I havent played in years and would probably hurt myself if i tried but if someone asked, i would definately join in on that fun!

Today I love word games, almost any kind. Found a site called fit which exercizes the brain a bit and its fun. I also love watching football. I never used to because i didnt understand it. Hubby is a HUGE football(BEARS) fan and when we first got together I would ask an annoying amount of questions and he patiently answered them so now i love it!