Saturday, August 9, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week: August 10

Hmmm... I hadn't put much thought into this week's QOW because I didn't realize it was my turn (but thanks for the reminder, Sharon!).

So... off the top of my head, here goes:

What is one household chore you actually ENJOY doing? On the counterpart, what is the one you HATE?


TMTCO said...

Hmmmm, this is difficult. I actually LOVE doing housework. I am a little obsessive in that area, so it gives me so much satisfaction to complete each task. I do get overwhelmed by the amount of it, now that I have a large family. The laundry and dishes are really big jobs, but I still like to do them, in a weird way.

Which one could I say that I do not like...

Well, I am not sure if this counts as a chore or not, but I despise taking out the garbage and the recycling. I just don't like to deal with the rubbish. Trust me, I am not a prima donna. Well, maybe I am. :-)

cmeinstlou said...

I'm not crazy about doing any chore but if i would pick, i would say trimming bushes. i know, I'm nuts and the thing that sucks right now is our bushes are about the size of cantelopes so there really isnt anything there for me to trim.

What chore do i hate? Cleaning the shower/tub!

blushpea said...

Like Christy, I'm not crazy about doing most housework but, like Tiff, I find doing dishes weirdly satisfying. Granted, we now have a dishwasher so that makes doing dishes tres swell, LOL, but even before that, there's a satisfaction I get in tackling a sink o' dirty dishes & gettin 'em clean. Plus, in the way that making a bed (something I confess we don't do often) makes a room look cleaner than it may really be, doing dishes does wonders in making one's kitchen seem instantly cleaner, you know?

Like Chris said in the thread, I dislike vacuuming, as well as scrubbing tile floors. I think it's 'cause I feel the need to get the rooms really clean before I hit the floors, so when I look ahead to vacuuming/scrubbing floors, it entails SO much more than just vacuuming/scrubbing floors!

Janet said...

I don't mind doing laundry... something about fresh clean clothes and the smell of fabric softener is a good thing for me! I also like anything that involves "organization." Once something is clean and organized, I am more likely to keep it that way.

I hate vacuuming. Although I like the nice clean "lines" the vacuum leaves that indicate cleanliness, I hate unplugging the vacuum for each room and especially doing the stairs. I seriously need one of those "Roomba" things.

pixel packin' mama said...

ok i am a little late on this one. i hate all house work. give me a rake, or lawnmower, but all housework sucks! i pay my kid to do it. she always needs money anyway, she now has to work for it. how can anyone dishwash? oooh putting your hands in that dirty water that has everyones mouth germs in it! i mean think about it! every one put spoons, forks in their mouth and get their dna all over the plates by scraping the utinsils on them and then they all go into the water and they don't die right away and then you put your hands into that water...ugh! no just kidding. there is a clean freak at work and i get her with this stuff all the time. it is fun to tease her. i still hate housework and avoid it as much as possible.