Saturday, December 6, 2008

BWC #24: Holidaze in Haste

Marlene, Marsha, and Sharon all found their quickies to be very satisfying. Find pleasure in their passionate postcards below.

The Holidaze have us feelin' the need for more speed. Let's decorate our first ever SHCG virtual Christmas tree!

You have a total of FIVE minutes to:
1. Grab your scissors, adhesives, and paper trimmer.
2. Cut a solid cardstock into an ornamental shape.
3. Choose 2-3 coordinating holiday themed patterned papers/scraps.
4. Pick a ribbon that you will use to hang your final product, and any embellies you might use, (e.g. ricrac, glitter, sequins, brads, etc.).
5. Don't forget some of your favorite pens, markers, and ink pads.

Now, you will have only FIVE minutes to conceptualize how you might create a tree ornament with the following inscription: "SHCG 2008." Once your five minutes are up, you have FOURTEEN minutes to work on the ornament. You do not have to use all the items you selected, and you may return to your stash for new items. However, you must stop after your time is up, even if your piece is unfinished. Hang the ornament on your tree and take a picture of it. When you upload, include the date, the start time from when you gathered your materials, and the stop time.

Don't forget to allow public embedding so that, once we have collected all the responses, we can figure out how to make a virtual tree that shows off all of our ornaments. In order to have our virtual tree complete in time for Christmas Eve, please upload by noon on December 24th.

A note on critiques: Please refrain from commenting on a response being unfinished, and focus critiques on elements of design.

Instructions for alternative responses:
Don't have even 24 minutes? Slash that in half, or a fourth. Show up to our virtual tree trimming wearing your holiday finest! Go to use your online knitting skills to go balls out on a Holiday sweater of your own design. While you're there, take a moment to check out what everyone else is wearing. You have until noon of the 24th. When you are done, email your sweater to Brenda (pm for addy) who will keep your masterpiece a secret until we have our party! Shhh. Wouldn't wanna spoil the surprise.

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