Saturday, January 31, 2009

BWC #3 - 1st Faves

Time for a new Biweekly Challenge! First off, let's hear it for recent challenge responses:

Git 'Er Done!! BWC:
Chris' 2007 Xmas Card Mosaic
Marlene's 2 Reasons I Love Being A Mom
Sharon's Moving (left & right sides)

Change BWC:
Marlene's Change

Great work, everyone! Please check these out in the LO thread if you haven't already. Now, onwards...

It's interesting to look back on what we've made note of in the past. I've done some research & compiled a list of the VERY FIRST LOs/PROJECTS in each members' Favorites (the general faves, not within any of the categories):

Sharon - Snorkeling by Jill
Christy - Eternal Love by Zeebootee
Brenda - Shinkansen by Embellies
Tiffany - Walk Towards the Sunshine by Verena
Lisa - Southern 4 Pager by Frankcassiemom
Melissa - Patterned Paper Addict by KristinG
Amanda - Xoxo by Crazycat
Jesse - LOVE by Fort Myers Scrapper
Marsha - Sweet Valentine (2006) by Saskscrap
Marlene - Book of Me by Latinascrapper
Chris - Heritage Album- ending page by D3nKs
Deborah - Circle of Friends by 2rowdyboys
Brian - What Do You See by Natycoe
Jen - Goin Parkin by 1mommascrapin

I think you all know where this is going... Your next challenge is to create a LO/project that lifts your very 1st saved favorite as listed above. (Pinkie swear that I left mine as it was). When you post your response, also provide a link to the original LO (embedding is not necessary as some LOs are really old, done perhaps by neighbors long gone from & tell us a little about what drew you to that work if you can recall. Or let us know how the work speaks to you now. Also discuss a bit how you use Favorites. For example, I only rarely remember to save my actual faves in my Favorites, I do save some faves there but I tend to use my Favorites more as a research/reference library on topics I may want to scrap in the future, or on one element/technique product that I'd like to check out.

As usual, you have 2 weeks to respond, meaning the deadline is February 15th. Of course, you can post a response following that, but that's just when the next BWC will be up.

Have FUN revisiting your Favorites! :o)

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Gelidy Gelato said...

The first page I saved as a favorite is SOOOOO polictically uncorrect! I may have to do this challenge.