Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Questions of the week Jan 25 & Feb 1st

A two for...

What is your most prized possession?
Have you scrapped it? If yes, please share a link. If no, why not.

My most prized possession is a letter from a loved one who has passed away. I have not scrapped it because it is too personal. Maybe some day.

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blushpea said...

This is a tough one. I tried to answer this by thinking of what I'd save in a fire but the answers (DH, who's not a "possession", & my documents/passports etc, which don't embody the sentimental nature of the QOW) don't really fit. My mind goes to things that are irreplaceable such as old photos & scrapbooks (but many of those are scanned).

I think I'd have to go w/ the many handwritten greeting cards over the years from my parents. They always send thoughtful cards w/ loving handwritten messages & sometimes some really cute & whimsical stuff too. There have been really tough time periods in my life when I would turn to their cards just to get me through the day. I've never scrapped them because I want to keep them in tact. At a retreat once, we made a card holder (like a decorative mini paper folder) & I put all my parents' cards from like 2004 & back in there. But I've had many since that are now just in a file.