Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things that go bump in the night ?OM

Thanks to Brian's newest BWC for inspiring this ?OM. In turn, may this inspire you to add to your journaling for Brian's BWC.

In the past we've had quezztions prompting our memberzz to share fears and phobias, or scary movies and spooky stories, but what about the bone-chilling sounds associated with these? We can probably all agree that the sound effects that accompany these experiences heighten our emotional response. For example, the guttural sound that the vengeful spirit produces in the horror flick "The Grudge" forever traumatized me. (Click on link with caution for full effect.) What sound sends chills up your spine? Link it... if you dare!

P.S. I tried to add an image, but I scared myself so badly I decided to publish this post without it.


denitza said...

Well, the sounds that scare me... I hate all the sounds in scary movies. I can't watch the movie when the soundtrack goes into scary sounds and not only I close my eyes ,I also close my hears. So I don't see and I don't hear. For me probably the sound is worse than the picture. All of the scary sounds in the scary movies, all of them, I tell you, all... Now I'm off to see something happy.

blushpea said...

Aside from the obvious (gory sounds of people being killed in those hacker films, can't BELIEVE I watched so many when I was a KID!), I can't stand spooky scary music. "The Exorcist" & "The Amityville Horror" have some of the eeriest music around...even flipping by the closing credits of those movies creeps me out. I hope to never watch those movies again, because of scary the content AND because of the scary music!