Sunday, January 11, 2009

QueZZtion of the Week, Jan. 11, 2009

Last week's QOW got me in a reflectin' mood so here goes - Do you have any fears/phobias you've had since childhood & if so, what are they? How is it living as an adult w/ these characteristics?

What about strengths/abilities since childhood?

Discuss, please!

For me, I've always had a fear of heights & the dark, & I've always been a naturally shy person. These have lessened in adulthood but knowing this about myself helps me figure out whether or not to challenge these things about myself, or to honor them. Sometimes I think completely immersing myself in what I fear is just what I need, other times it's the opposite - depends on the situation!

As for strengths, I've always been creative & able to relish solitary time (I know some people can't stand being alone, I often thrive on it!). I have also always been adept at public speaking.


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Scrappin Kitty said...

phobia since child hood, SPIDERS!! I hat them and refuse to get anywhere near them!!