Sunday, January 3, 2010

2Q10 #1: New Year, New Decade, New Mindset

Being the first quezztion of the decade, it's only appropriate that it comes to you from our very own HBIC (Head Blushpea In Charge). Betta recognize! (On that note, credit for the post heading goes to my high school senior cousin's Facebook status update.)

I know that it's a bit predictable to ask about New Year's resolutions, but it can be cool and helpful for people to actually write them out, like a personal mission statement for the year. Inspired by Tay's recent mention of goals, what are your resolutions for 2010, if any?

If your resolutions are similar to goals you've had in the past, what have you learned about them and are you changing anything about how you approach them?

What about scrap-related resolutions/goals?

If you do not set resolutions/goals for the New Year, discuss why that is and explain when you DO set goals for yourself.


denitza said...

I don't think I ever stick to my NE's resolutions, but I hope I can do better this year( like every other year, :)).
1. I want to keep track of the books I read and see how many I read at the end of the year.I'll try to keep track of that in my blog.
2. I'll try to get to my last summer weight- I have to drop 10 lbs.Going to visit my parents this Summer and the holidays didn't help to keep the weight down.
3. I want to try to start and stick to a work out routine.

I think that is it for now!:)

twinscrapbee said...

"Personally I would like to lose 30 pounds after Evelyn is born in March. We are currently putting $3000 a year into savings bonds, and we would like to up that. (We are also putting money into our IRA and Mutual Funds, but the way the economy is going, we lowered it to under $100 a month last year- we are putting the money into the bonds instead.

That's really it for this year- well we are working on disposable savings this year too- we spent it all when we "moved" in October.

As for scrapping- I budgeted only $1500 for myself- tough, but it's doable. And that also doesn't include my new camera I get next month (haven't decided on one yet- but will spend somewhere between $400 and $800.

Oh we are paying off 2 credit cards next month with our tax return too. Sh!t that reminds me, it's the 4th- gotta do my taxes today LOL

I want to do 500 LOs this year- and with p365, that should be easy

Ok, I think I've said enough! LOL"

--on behalf of Amanda aka lifeinthefastlane, who is approaching CAM status

blushpea said...

For last few yrs, my New Year's resolutions have been pretty similar - continue to strive for mind/body health, savor the everyday, cultivate gratefulness, use time wisely, turn negatives to positives, etc.

I pretty much intend to keep on keepin on w/ those but I find that this year I can sum up all those goals in one word: mindfulness. If I focus on that concept, it applies to all of these goals & also lends a sense of balance. Because sometimes, for example, though a goal is physical fitness, during certain times, the thing my mind/body might need for a particular week, is REST. And sometimes I DO need intense physical activity. Being "mindful" helps me to weigh different goals I have so that I do what's best for me at a given moment. That's what is working for me, anyway!

blushpea said...

I forgot to mention any scraft goals! Well, in the past couple of years, I've been condensing my scrapping, scrapping only a LO or 2 per event (instead of scrapping EVERY day or EVERY event within each event, though I'd love to if there was time). This has freed me up enormously as I've been sending more stuff to regular photo albums & I've become more attuned to what I'd rather scrap more. I actually feel quite "caught up" these days. I'd like to continue this way, because it feels wonderful!

But I can list a few specific things I wanna do, like summary LOs of our Philippines '07 trip, an 8x11.5 bk on Xmas 07 & summary LOs of our cruise '09.

AND I'd like to continue to do as many SHCG BWCs as possible, because they inspire me soo much, they really keep me going creatively!

Finally, I want to be more realistic about what I can do w/my free time. Particularly w/ crops. Now that I know some amazing cropping friends IRL, I really have to budget when I crop w/ them because they gloriously crop rather frequently & I just can't make it every time!