Sunday, January 17, 2010

BWC #2 The Other Side of You

First, here's Denitza's response to BWC #1 Remember Your Passion -

Good morning SHCG!!! I hope that you have had a great weekend!!!

I had a bit of a time trying to come up with a challenge that seemed challenging enough LOL but I think that I got one :)

Most people see one side of us all the time, like me I seem to always be nice and people have told Mike how sweet I am and while of course this is true there is a side of me that I don't show alot, for example I like to pick on people but you have to be careful cuz you never know who you will offend,I can be quite grumpy,picky(really picky LOL) sensitive I want to hear about the other side of you. What makes you tick,pet peeves,etc etc.

I hope that this is a good one :)

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