Saturday, August 6, 2011

Monthly Challenge 4/August 2011 - The Boob Tube

First, some business: Margaret regrets she couldn't post the July MC as scheduled. And, let's hear it for the only challenge response posted since the last challenge:

Response to MC 3 - Scrap a Favorite Summer Vacation Memory: Brenda's Hotel Mac/Thirty Fi35ve

Check it out if you haven't already!

Now for the challenge - The Boob Tube. Okay, I admit, the fact that I've been nursing our little one since last year may have led to the title of this challenge, LOL. But this challenge has nothing to do with babies or mammary glands (unless you want it to)! Simply put, scrap a layout using the title of a TV show, past or present. Easy & fun, right?!

Enjoy & happy scrapping!

(PS I really do intend to respond to this one someday, please pardon my delay! I recently splanned my response to the challenge I posted last, months ago. SO... though I stretch out deadlines, my responses WILL get scrapped!)

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