Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monthly Challenge #5: September-A Month to Remember

If you can peel your eyes away long enough from The Boob Tube, here are a few words from last month's challenge. Light up the applause sign for Michelle's (aka Chell Rae) "That 70's Show" spread. And now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

This month's challenge is inspired by a number of ideas: two of our SHizztas' birthdays, International Self Awareness Month, and the tenth anniversary of a day we will never forget. Your challenge is threefold. Create a layout that: 1) includes the color sapphire, the September birthstone; 2) expresses yourself and the consciousness of your existence, the definition of self awareness; and 3) contains the word "remember," a small, honorable mention of September 11.

I'd like to add that since I've been experiencing quite an erratic scraft mojo in the past few months, I initially, wanted to make this challenge simpler and just get us scrafting. I thought of encouraging personal expressions, of any size, that didn't necessarily include our own photos--be it about a TV show, a book, a celebrity, a character, a pet peeve, a color, a song, a performer, a drink, a movie, a shoe, a wish, an emotion... anything! However, I felt I would be remiss to exclude this milestone year marking the remembrance of September 11. That noted, there might be those who are already planning a memorial page, while others might be overwhelmed by the emotions that this day conjures up to consider working on a piece this month. Either way, I hope this challenge honors both inclinations and ultimately inspires you to be self aware, encourages you to express yourself, and coaxes you to share your self with us.

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