Monday, May 7, 2012

MC # 4 - May 2012

Hi Everyone! 
First of all I'm sorry for posting this up a little bit late.  

I'd like to also give a shout out to the only response to last month's challenge MC 3 "What he/she said" - Jesse's "So a blonde and a redhead walk into a phone booth... "

Moving onto this month's challenge..
Music is so much a part of many of our lives, it's also a major part of setting the mood in a movie clip or TV scene.  Lately I noticed how some TV shows like to name their episodes after a song or even end with a song that goes along with the theme of the episode.  Translating that to scrapbooking I'd like to see you use either the title of a song, or lyrics of a song to set the mood for your layout.  The song lyrics can be used as your layout title or in your journaling- that's completely up to you.

Looking forward to seeing how the song lyrics fit in with your pages!

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