Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monthly Challenge #5: Bloghop Challenge

We all still have to face the music, Ammara's challenge, that is. Until one of us takes out our earbuds and turns up the volume, we march to the beat of another month's challenge. Let's spread some noise as we go bloghopping through June. Pick one of your favorite blogs that you'd like to share with your SHizztas. Find a challenge or technique within the blog that is to your liking, past or present. Use that challenge or technique to inspire a response, whether it's a layout or another scrafty project. Post your response to our layout thread, and be sure to share the link to the blog's challenge within your description. By the end of the month we could have some new favorite links to bookmark, as well as some submissions we might want to vote into our gallery faves. Here's a blog to get you hopping. Come back with some scrafty souvenirs of your web wanderlust. How's that for a staycation to kick off your summer?

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