Friday, November 21, 2008

Secret Santa Swap - Amended

OK people have suggested that we revise the terms of the Secret Santa Swap to be more wallet n eco friendly. Here's the revised terms (the "What" part revised):

Secret Santa Happenzz Swap
Who(does it): Whoever wants to!
What (do I have to do): Get your person a scrapbooking gift (from their wishlist if possible), value is to be $10.00 to $15.00. Also a handmade card. You can also include any handmade items you wish. OR create a Secret Santa bag of scraft toys for your person with a value from $10.00 to $15.00 that come from your stash and which may include any handmade items you wish. Please also include a handmade card. Use your person's wishlist to generate ideas of her likes and scrafting style. You might even find items from your stash that are on her wishlist.
When (do I have to ship this by) (do I have to ship this by): Parcel Post must be shipped by December 12th. Priority or Express must be shipped by December 17th.
Where (do I ship it): To your super secret special assigned gift recipient (to be assigned).
Why: Because giving is groovy!
How (can I join in this ultra fun event): Please PM me by midnight Monday 11/23 (as in late night Sunday 11/22). Send me your mailing & email addresses. I will assign Secret Santazz shortly thereafter. Santa names to be randomly picked.


Please note that I know even putting together such a bag, & shipping it, will still be an expense both of time, energy & money (though less $ than buying a new pressie), so NO PRESSURE or OBLIGATION to those of you who still don't want to, or can't, participate. But if you already unsubscribed to the Secret Santa Swap PM, kindly let me know ASAP if you want to participate now given these newer terms.


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